eDocsParadigm is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions provider and reseller that offers consultant and integration services to companies using Perceptive Software. The services we offer will enable your company to realize the full potential of its ECM systems. At eDocsParadigm, we are fully committed to our client's success. We will provide you with Consulting, Integration, Project Management, Migration and Training services as well as any other solutions that will help you succeed.

Every customer's needs are unique. Whether you prefer on-site or remote service, we will be there.


Evaluation of Customer Needs

Each customer has different needs. As a first step towards recommending which software would be best for your situation, we make an analysis including assessments of:

Industry Independent

Regardless of your particular industry, we will provide you with insight and know-how so that your business ECM works for you. The software can be integrated with ECM systems from universities to hospitals to private businesses.

Full Spectrum

Our services cover the full range of the deployment and implementation of Perceptive software, according to YOUR company's goals and needs. 

ERP Integration

We will provide you with the solutions and tools to integrate your ERP with Perceptive Software. We have solid experience with integration in PeopleSoft and other widely used ERP software applications.


The problem of delivering information to the ERP system in an efficient, error-free manner is solved by using tools from Perceptive Software. Imaging, document management, and the associated workflow are integrated with the ERP system through ImageNow, eForms, iScript, Workflow, Mail Agent, Fax Agent and other tools. As examples from a university environment, applications for student financial aid, reimbursement for employee travel, applications for staff employment or for student admissions are all submitted through eForms and processed via Workflow. This integration allows for automatic requests for additional required information or error correction as well as for processing the responses to these requests.


eDocsParadigm has real world experience in converting paper documents, en-masse, into ImageNow. You can leverage our know-how rather than take a trial-and-error approach. We can also convert your electronic documents and workflow from competing document management systems into ImageNow.


eDocsParadigm offers customized training curricula to meet your specific needs. Our ability to focus training on the exact areas you identify will maximize your training investment. Our trainers can use your actual forms, scripting and workflow requirements as training tools. We offer training at your site, in your environment, thus reducing expense and eliminating travel downtime. Students get hands-on training while working on your project. We get your team up to speed and productive faster than any other method.